The island of Hokkaido is located at the north end of Japan, near Russia, and has coastlines on the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Pacific Ocean. The center of the island has a number of mountains and volcanic plateau, and there are coastal plains in all directions. Major cities include Sapporo and Asahikawa in the central region and the port of Hakodate facing Honshu.

You can enjoy the four seasons in Hokkaido. Spring & autumn are very comfortable but quite short, summer is warm but much less humid than on the mainland, and winter is long! The temperatures vary much depending on the elevation, distance to the sea, and time of the day/night. Air conditioning is typically available at hotels, shopping centres, etc. so there is no problem even during the coldest & hottest periods.

During winter, Hokkaido is covered with snow and you can enjoy a clear starry sky, winter festivals, shows with fireworks, hot springs surrounded by snowy mountains, and various winter activities! Particularly famous ski resorts include Niseko, Furano and Sapporo Teine. Pile up layers of clothes to adapt to the situation because you may feel hot inside buildings but super cold outside… and remember that Asahikawa city holds Japan’s low-temperature record: -42°F (-41°C)! You may consider buying “kairo” heating patches to put under your clothes; they are sold at many convenience stores…

Hokkaido one of beautiful place in the world, offers some of the most desolate and rugged yet sublimely. Beautiful winter landscape photography opportunities on the planet.

It’s the minimalist winter photographer’s dream.


January 28 - February 4, 2023

The Host

Haryanto Devcom
Chaerul Umam

tour price:

$ 2500 USD (Under Normal Japan Tourism)
$ 2900 (Under ERFS Japan Tourism)
$1000 USD deposit required to reserve your spot

group size

Small group experience (max 7)


Necessary Covid-19 Vaccinations, ​International Medical and Travel Insurance Coverage



Prices are based on double-occupancy unless noted. Single-occupancy rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis (in most places) and subject to a supplemental fee. We try to accommodate participants who request single accommodations, as well as those looking for a roommate. If a single room is requested, or if we are unable to find a suitable roommate, you will be required to pay the supplement.



Photo Tour price is in US Dollars based upon a minimum of 5 paying participants. In the unlikely event the photo tour does not fill, there is a small surcharge of $500 USD for 3-5 paying participants.


What’s Included:

2 Photography Instructors

Accommodations (Based on Double Occupancy)

Transportation during trip

All Tickets and Entrance Fees

Camera and Gear Rent

What’s Excluded:

Airfare to and from Hokkaido

Food and Beverages

Liquir and Alcohol

Tips for tour guides, drivers, bellhops etc.

International Medical and Travel Insurance Coverage


Itinerary Highlights

January 27: Arrival in New Chitose Airport (DAY 0)

  • Suggested arrival of guests 
  • Book your own hotel or we may book for you for additional cost of around 15,000 yen for 1 room that is good for 2 people

Meals included: none

January 28: Sapporo to Otaru (DAY 1 OFFICIAL START)

  • Flight arrival at New Chitose Airport of the guests who didn’t arrive the day before
  • Head to Otaru after all the guests have been picked from the airport and their respective hotels
  • Sunset photography at Otaru Canal
  • Interests: Otaru Canal, Daikoku and Ebisu Iwa in Yoichi, food to try – seafood kaisen-don/donburi, king crab

Meals included: none

January 29: Otaru to Mount Yotei and Lake Toya (DAY 2)

  • Early breakfast at the hotel
  • Head to Mount Yotei and Lake Toya
  • Head back to our hotel in Otaru

Meals included: breakfast

January 30: Otaru to Biei and Furano (DAY 3)

  • Early breakfast at the hotel
  • Head to Yoichi to photograph Daikoku and Ebisu Iwa
  • Check out and head to Biei
  • Check in at our hotel in Furano or Biei
  • Afternoon photography of snowy hills and lone trees
  • Visit blue pond illumination in the evening
  • Interests: Snowy hills, winter trees, barns, cabins, frozen Shirahige waterfalls, blue pond illumination, food to try – Cheesecake by Furano Delice Honten, Hokkaido ramen, Zangi (Hokkaido’s fried chicken)

Meals included: breakfast


January 31: Biei and Furano (DAY 4)

  • Another full day of photography around Furano and Biei

Meals included: breakfast

February 1: Biei to Haboro to Biei (DAY 5)

  • A long travel to Shosanbetsu Shrine in the north
  • Interests: Frozen torii, cabins, lighthouse, docked boats

Meals included: breakfast

February 2: Biei to Kushiro (DAY 6)

  • After breakfast we will check out and start our long drive to Kushiro
  • Afternoon photography in Lake Kussharo
  • Check in at our hotel in Kushiro
  • Interests: Mokotoyama Observatory Park, Lake Kussharo (swans, more trees), Food: seafood yakiniku, more seafood

Meals included: breakfast

February 3: Kushiro (DAY 7)

  • Early morning travel to the Red-Crowned Crane Sanctuary
  • Afternoon shoot in Lake Akan

Meals included: breakfast

February 4: Kushiro to Chitose (DAY 8)

  • Another morning photography with the Red-Crowned Cranes at Otowa Bridge, Setsuri River
  • Check out and head to Kushiro Airport for departure
  • End of tour  

Brilliant Routes

Each route selected and studied for the results of extraordinary photos

Smart Guides

It’s not that we are so smart, it’s just that we have tons of experiences.

Optimal Timing

We always pay attention in details, not too fast and not too late.

Unique Experience

Extraordinary experiences can only be achieved from teams that we prepared. 

Cancellation Policy

Your deposit is a firm commitment, and will be subject to a cancellation fee. For this reason, we recommend trip insurance. Please refer to the Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds section in our terms and conditions for the full details of our policies. Please do not make air travel arrangements until checking with us first.


While these descriptions represent the photo tour’s planned itinerary, we reserve the right to revise it without notice as we see fit. Details on this page are also subject to change without notice, including substitutions of tour leaders. We reserve the right to cancel the tour if the minimum number of participants is not met. And while we don’t anticipate this happening, we reserve the right to adjust the fees for this photo tour due to factors outside of our control, such as fluctuations in currency rates, political or governmental action, new applicable taxes, and related issues. Please do not purchase air travel before confirming with us. Participants are expected to be in fair health and be capable of spending the days walking around the various areas while carrying their own equipment and luggage. We can never count on the weather patterns in Hokkaido. For this reason, we have our list of beautiful locations we’ll be going to, but we need to keep our schedule fluid, as we will be adapting to changing weather conditions on the ground.

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