We Are Making Photographs To Understand What Our Lives Mean To Us

Photography is a way to capture memories and beauty  of our live journey, combination with traveling as part of restoring energy in our life.

We pay great attention to every detail of a trip with us, one by one we put together the details into a series of photo safaris that will not be forgotten.

There are times when we work to live and there are times when we travel to live.

Brilliant Routes

Each route selected and studied for the results of extraordinary photos

Smart Guides

Experienced and pleasant guides are provided for excellent photo-taking at the right time and the right place

Optimal Timing

We always pay attention in details, not too soon and not too behind

Unique Experience

Extraordinary experiences can only be achieved from teams that we prepared. 


Destinations to VIsit



Never Ending Journey


This gallery is selected by our team of professional photographers, each one with a different approach to what they capture, but all with the aim of seeking out beautiful landscapes.



Here’s what our frequenter say about Us

I knew them since along time, it must be around 2014.
I saw a flyer at Whatsapp and was immediately attracted. The photos published where amazing. Black and white, landscape photos , very artisticly taken.

These I really like !!

Lucky me, they were giving a workshop the flyer informed. Of course I attended the workshop.
After that, I joined a lot of their phototours, local as well abroad. From Anyer close by to East Indonesia, Ternate , Labengki in Kendari, the famous Sumba island , of course the roaring waves and rocks of Sawarna at the South Sea, Indian Ocean up North to Hokkaido several times.

They also cater the nordic countries such as Norway, Iceland.
They have good and patient mentor.

I learned alot from them and still amazed to see their photos. wish them success with their upcoming adventures and trips!!

FB : Hermandari Kartowisastro
IG: hermandari_kartowisastro for colour photos for black and white photos

Hermandari Kartowisastro Professional Photographer

When shown a photography trip brochure to Mongolia a few years back, I immediately signed up.

The thought of having an up and close interaction with the Eagle Hunters in the remote part of Mongolia was too irresistible.

 I was glad I made the decision to go with Avontur, not only I got to know new great travel buddies (and great photographers), but the trip turned out to be a fun and memorable one. 

One thing I like about the trip it suited my style as I love traveling and would like to bring back good pictures.

We literally stopped wherever we wanted to and captured the magnificent sight of the scenery along the way, and got to know the local people during our stay at the traditional tent, called yurt. 

The highlight of the trip was the visit to Eagle Festival which was not part of the itinerary but it’s on my bucket list!

IG :

Sofarianty Agustin Traveler & Photographer

I have been trying to learn the art of Black and White before meeting Avontur Team, so when i saw their amazing work in the Instagram, i immediately requested them to join me to shoot in Bali, Indonesia.

It was a great experience that they made me realize that taking landscape photography in the technical side is not that difficult.

But what I love most in Avontur are, they will always check or guide you of your work in the field, if you need help they are always there, like they will make you use their filters if you don't have, to save time, they will tell you where to shoot and others things to make your trip productive and fun.

So from that time on i joined their tours in Batanes, Singapore and Lofoten. So now, i am looking forward to join their tours again.

Annabelle Chavez


Annabelle Chavez Professional Photographer

The tour I have participated in with Avontur is wonderful, their team is very compact and has excellent communication to clarify the destination. They are knowledgeable and guide precisely and clearly.

I'm very satisfied with that trip and if it coincides with my free time, I will definitely go on another tour with them again.”

FB :
IG :

Winta Widodo Traveler & Photographer

After participating in several trips with Avontur team, I felt the trips were very interesting. We can shared with each other and full of intimacy. In addition to delicious foods and beverages, we also got lots of interesting photos too.

I highly recommend these trips.

Their team are always helpful, especially for newbies.

I wish you more success with future trips.

Happy hunting 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Steven Sioe Professional Photographer

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